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Umtaş International Transportation Ltd.Co. is established fort he purpose of bringing a different understanding of serving to the Turkish and global transportation sector has adopted customer oriented working and cooperation as its base, has carried quality services parallel to its foundation philosophy up to the day with reliability and success.

Ceompetition bears more and more responsibility in our globalizing World. To this extend we are aware of our customers being always our partners for solutions and the most important bid of the supplying chain. UMTAŞ has combined its quality services towards the customers and cooperation based on trust with knowledge, security, economical solutions and on time delivery and has taken customer satisfaction as its main point of concern along with total quality management philosophy.

Together with its Professional staff and team mates UMTAŞ has built up an agency network to answer the demand at any point on the World in Sea-Transportation and Air-Freight, mainly Europe centered in land transportation and started giving this service to ist import/export customers since the first day of its foundation.


UMTAŞ is maintaining its tasks without compromising customer satisfaction together with its partners spread over the country mainly in İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Mersin on warehousing, transferring, handling custom affairs and transporting.


The mutual satisfaction which is a result of our extensive efforts on keeping pace with the changing World, being innovative an deven being the source of innovations when gathered with our services to our customers, is honoring and trustworthy. Deserving this trust and keeping ourefforts on a constant scale is one of our main goals.