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UMTAŞ is providing partial and complete transportation service between Europe/Turkey and cross Turkey/European and relevantly is aiming to;

Replying customer needs as early as possible starting from the loading point until the point of unloading based on accurate data flow,

Constant monitoring of freight route as if racing against the clock providing the correct type of vehicle according custom affairs and documentation.

And by making use of the competitive market, to provide economical solutions to the customers, in the meantime in order to build up a neat and healthy organization, UMTAŞ is maintaining its service with foreign agencies and warehouses, is able to retrieve the data flow of the material to customers on the day following the loading process.


UMTAŞ is giving the most economical and quality service in cooperation witch its partners Bruno Crost Spedition both in general Cargo and also chemicals containing ADR/IMCO, in the shortest period the most economic solutions in transportation type which takes time as a priority to cost in todays economy.

In air transportation along with making you experience the comfort of its service with support of its agencies around the World and with sub agencies under them that are competitive and quality in service.

In cooperation with Bruno Crost Spedition UMTAŞ is providing its customers procedures starting from take off to loading countries (including custom affairs, internal transport, ground services etc.) within the most optimum period possible and ultimately makes sure that all services are offered from one hand and this provides the advantage of easy monitoring and on time arrival of the materials.


In sea line which is an alternative type of transportation, UMTAŞ has proved a different type of understanding of service in this field considering your needs witch quality and has managed to take customer satisfaction and benefits as a top priority.